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Shop Equipment

At Beltline Electric Motor Repair, Inc., our Decatur, Alabama shop is stocked with up-to-date equipment to repair, rewind and service your electric motor. We have motor load testers, dynamic balancing equipment and more to service your AC or DC motor up to 800 horsepower. Call us today to get expert repair for your electric motor. Below is a list of our shop equipment:
  • Jenkins Electric AC and DC Motor Test Center
    • 0 to 4160 Volts AC and 0 to 500 Volts DC
  • Baldor Electric Inverter Controller for Inverter Duty Motor Testing
  • LEXESCO Computerized Coreloss Lamination Core Tester
  • Baker Surge Comparison Tester                
  • Monolithic Industries Armature Bar to Bar Tester
  • Dyna Bal Computerized Dynamic Balance Machine
  • CSI QC 8500 Vibration Analyzer
  • Epoxylite V.P.I. (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) System
    • Epoxylite Class H Resin
  • A.W. Computerized Dynamometer Motor Load Tester
    • AC and DC Motors 25 to 600 Horsepower
  • SUE-JAC Temperature Controlled Burnout Oven
    • Water Suppression for Over Temperature Protection

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